Government Institutions

Governments have been harnessing consumer-facing technology to reach out to their citizens in some very interesting ways. With our location-aware technology, web services, mobile apps, cloud hosting and social media applications, there is a ton of opportunity for governments - from small cities to entire nations - to do their jobs with more efficiency and transparency. Our consultants know exactly what to do to improve your business process. Regardless of industry, we offer a mix of flexible and suitable technology solutions to meet your exact requirements. Our broad portfolio of services can bring a significantly value in the day to day running of government business. Areas that we could be of great assist includes but not limited to the following;

§ Software Development

§ Infrastructure Management

§ Hardware Procurement

§ Marketing and Creative design

§ ICT Training


With a variety of software development platforms at our quarters, we have a division tasked with the development of highly optimised software to help achieve full automation of all your association’s processes. You need a partner who can ensure success with an approach that gives you the best possible solutions, cost, speed and quality.


The primary responsibility of our Association Management Software (AMS) is to serve as a database for all your member data. This includes contact information, preferences, communication history and more in one central, comprehensive solution. Associations can use our AMS to infuse the power of productivity into everyday tasks, continuing education management to event registration. Staff can focus on the program and members, instead of basic administration.


Our AMS is broken down into modules that form a complete solution that meets your needs. Features included are:

§ Member Management

§ Customer Service

§ Meeting Management

§ Marketing Management

§ Certification Management

§ Accounting

§ Reporting

§ Member Self-Service Tools

§ Web Site Content Management


Training – Technology developments are moving at the fastest pace since time immemorial and your business needs to keep up if you are going to stay competitive. Our team of in-house and freelance facilitators provides state of the art training in the ICT field. Some of our training course covers the following;

§ Microsoft SQL

§ Microsoft office Courses

§ Search Engine Optimization

§ Pastel account Courses

§ PC Technician Course

§ Onsite Training

§ Microsoft Exchange 2013

§ Microsoft Windows Server 2008 – 2012

§ Advanced Excel

§ Mac OS

§ Office 365


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Hardware Solutions – We understand that computer hardware the most easily identifiable part of your ICT infrastructure is one of your most important business assets. While software is needed to make any hardware useful, without the correct hardware your software may not run efficiently of even at all. Therefore as with any business investment, you should choose your computer hardware with care. 361ICT is focused towards helping our clients acquire and implement their hardware frameworks. We have reseller arrangements with top hardware suppliers to ensure that our clients can have various hardware components at competitive prices. We provide a wide array of computer hardware solutions including;

§ Desktops

§ Laptops

§ Printers and Faxes

§ Servers

§ Point of Sales Terminals/Devices

§ Data ATMs

§ Cloud Copiers


Important Updates

Get ready to experience the most powerful Office yet, with smarter versions of your favourite applications and new cloud services that connects you to your documents and settings—when and where you need them.

Take advantage of our new Cloud Hosting infrastructure, E-commerce Component Development & Integration, Mobile Internet Programming in the Portal System and many more technologies.

Excellence, Candor, Expertise and Integrity

Our product development philosophy moves away from the traditional product development thinking which forces you to adapt your business to suit their product because they lack required functionality and flexibility, we provide a comprehensive solutions with functionalities that can be readily customized to match your specific business processes. The result is higher productivity, more meaningful reports and better business decisions.